Cancer Genetics

2021-2030 Objectives and Strategies

Vaccinating An Elderly Person

OBJECTIVE 1: By 2030, increase by 20% the yearly overall number of individuals who
receive Ohio Cancer Genetic Network Cancer Risk Assessment services (baseline=12,358;
target=14,830; midpoint (5-year) yearly target=13,594).
• Conduct and track education events for providers about referral guidelines for cancer risk
assessment (e.g., students, allied health professionals and physicians).
• Provide access to evidence-based resources regarding hereditary cancer for both the public at
large, as well as for health care providers.
• Create and foster new partnerships with an array of community organizations to identify the
needs of groups experiencing disadvantages, including minorities, low-income communities,
and LGBTQ+ communities in order to improve genetic counseling practices and outreach.
• Update and rerecord the Cancer Genetics in Your Practice presentations on OhioTrain.
• Update the map on the ODH Genetics Services Program website that contains the contact
information of all Ohio Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment sites on a quarterly basis.
• Continue collaboration among cancer genetic counselors and hospital registries to identify
patients and families appropriate for genetic counseling. Use data to identify approaches to
increase referrals to a genetics risk center.
• Collect and evaluate genetic counseling service models utilized (including traditional in-person
visits and telehealth visits) for new unique patient consults to improve access to service across
the state.
• Establish baseline data across Ohio pediatric cancer genetics sites regarding genetic counseling
referrals for pediatric cancer, with an emphasis on referrals for specific pediatric cancers which
have a greater than 10% chance of carrying a germline mutation.


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